USPS’s Informed Delivery transforming mail experience for Americans

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A U.S. Postal Service technology strategy to give consumers an advanced look at what's coming to their mailboxes is delivering big gains in engagement and revenues.

2019 in review: Agencies embrace RPA — AI less so


Trust in data is an issue implementing AI, but agencies overcame hurdles credentialing bots.

USPS teams with Google Cloud for call center relief


Increased delivery competition from new carrier services like Amazon has the postal agency reinventing itself, and customer experience is “one of the bigger pain points.”

Postal Service will use AI to process package data faster


A new, high-performance GPU system for reading address labels more accurately will be adopted at 192 mail processing and sorting centers nationwide.

USPS’ Kristin Seaver on bringing innovation ‘to the customer’


Seaver talks about trends in federal innovation and more.

USPS needs sharper view of cybersecurity budget, report says


The Postal Service's inspector general calls for more insights into how operational expenses could affect cybersecurity modernization efforts.