unmanned systems

Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program entering next phase


The program will soon be transitioning to its detailed design and prototype phases, and the Army has issued a new solicitation.

Navy grappling with the future of its unmanned fleet


The Navy's new shipbuilding plan and statements by senior officials indicate that the future of the unmanned fleet remains murky.

Mysterious American robotic ships headed to Ukraine


The Pentagon is transferring an unspecified number of “unmanned coastal defense vessels” to Ukraine.

Navy not accounting for full costs of uncrewed systems, GAO warns


The Navy runs the risk of not achieving its stated goals with uncrewed systems if it doesn't establish metrics or cost estimates.

Task Force 59: The future of the Navy’s unmanned systems or a one-off win?


Can 21 sailors, many of whom aren't full-time sailors, bring unmanned systems to the Fith Fleet in support of deterrence by detection in the Middle East?

Navy to stand up new AI and unmanned system task force


The task force will focus on testing new tech and integrating systems.