unmanned aircraft system (UAS)

Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


There has long been concern about the ability to replace equipment losses during a large-scale conventional war. A senior Air Force official believes autonomous systems and software could be part of the solution.

US to provide ScanEagle drones to Ukraine


The long-endurance unmanned aerial system could be used to locate and target Russian forces.

Top commander expects drones strikes against US forces, partners in Africa


African nations have already asked for U.S. assistance with counter-drone capabilities, according to Gen. Stephen Townsend.

Air Force sees 2 business models for integrating robotic wingmen into combat formations


The Air Force plans to acquire interoperable robotic wingmen that it can “mix and match” with a variety of manned aircraft.

Air Force’s next-gen fighter program transitions to critical development phase


The secretive NGAD program has reached a key milestone in the acquisition process, the secretary of the Air Force said.

Pentagon working with allies on secretive autonomous drone project


The initiative aims to demonstrate the capabilities of artificial intelligence-enabled drones that could operate in highly contested environments.