Interior resumes buying nonemergency drones, if they’re Pentagon-approved


The easing of restrictions coincides with the launch of the Blue sUAS program and the Trump administration's push to "buy American" to ensure cybersecurity.

Air Force adds more tech companies to Skyborg program


Skyborg now has 13 vendors competing for slices of a $400 million contract to build out a network of autonomous drones to follow piloted planes.

CBP to test first truck-portable drone for monitoring border


The small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) can be taken on patrols in the back of a pickup truck.

FAA rolls out automated system for drone pilots to request airspace


The agency has begun expanding use of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, which helps to integrate drones into the airspace, providing operators “near real-time airspace authorizations”

Senators look to boost safe drone use in new legislation


The Safe Drone Act of 2017 aims to further the development of unmanned aircraft systems and help clarify the safety and privacy concerns that cities and states must address as they begin to embrace the possibilities proffered by the now-affordable technology.

Commercial drone use expected to take flight under new regulations


The Federal Aviation Administration's rules on small commercial drones went into effect Monday, enabling drone use in the commercial space without the onerous policy of the past that required obtaining a special waiver for any commercial use. [Read more: FAA finalizes first-time rules on small commercial drones] “What we’ve been waiting for is just this regulatory clarity and lowered barrier to entry,” Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR Robotics, told FedScoop.