U.S. Missile Defense Agency

MDA’s role in upcoming homeland cruise missile defense demo now unclear


The Missile Defense Agency was recently passed over as the lead organization for developing new capabilities to defend the homeland against enemy cruise missiles.

GAO calls for independent reviews of hypersonic missile interceptor program


The Pentagon needs to take a closer at the glide-phase interceptor program, a government watchdog said in a new report.

MDA director unsure if new hypersonic missile interceptor can be fielded before 2030


The head of the Missile Defense Agency said he isn’t ready to commit to a timeline for delivering a new glide phase interceptor.

Pentagon’s Hicks wants more focus on cyber, EW capabilities for missile defense


The Pentagon needs to evolve in its approach to air and missile defense, according Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Surge in public sector business growth continues for C3.AI


The artificial intelligence software company also adds Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to its board.

Anduril appoints Goldfein, MacFarland to advisory board


The defense tech company has named five new advisors, including former Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein.