Trusted Internet Connections (TIC)

TIC program releases draft Cloud Use Case


The use case is the last one required by the Office of Management and Budget in its September 2019 memo launching the initiative.

Final, cloud TIC 3.0 use case expected in months


Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and email will all be covered.

CISA releases finalized IPv6 security considerations for TIC 3.0 implementation


The new guidance explains how the transition will affect network management operations.

CISA issues third TIC use case covering remote users


The document provides guidance for the configuration of data flows including for secure remote user access to a campus.

‘Immense’ synergies to be gained between TIC 3.0 and CDM


TIC 3.0 and CDM — both developed by DHS’s CISA — are meant to work hand-in-hand in giving agencies visibility into their IT networks and securing them.

Agencies reevaluating EIS task orders during pandemic


The EIS program team and FedRAMP and TIC PMOs have worked together to ensure the contract can support telework network security architectures.