Army moving out on new short range and long-range electronic warfare platforms


The Army is planning a critical operational test next year for its first brigade signals intelligence and jamming platform, with designs for a larger such system being bid by two companies.

Army working through intelligence and electronic warfare management on integrated platform


With an integrated electronic warfare and signals intelligence platform forthcoming, the Army is working on managing these two disciplines that are governed by different authorities.

Army looking at several dismounted electronic warfare concepts


While the Army works through future dismounted electronic warfare capabilities, it is adding a dismounted feature to its forthcoming Stryker-based system, Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team.

Army awards 2 contracts to develop concept for long-range EW system


The Army recently awarded Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics contracts to develop concepts for the Terrestrial Layer System-Echelons Above Brigade.

Electronic warfare ‘keeps me up at night’: undersecretary of the Army


Army Undersecretary Gabe Camarillo reiterates the department's investment in electronic warfare capabilities.

Army adding more procurement dollars for major electronic warfare programs


The Army is aligning additional funding for the MFEW program.