test and evaluation

Senators propose big boost in funding to upgrade DOD’s test ranges


The chairman’s mark of the fiscal 2023 defense appropriations bill recommends spending about $1.8 billion on these efforts.

Senators warn of insufficiencies in US hypersonic testing infrastructure


The SASC version of the 2023 defense policy bill includes proposals and would mandate funding to address the evolving challenge.

DOD fleshing out plans for next generation of hypersonic weapons


The Pentagon is creating a strategy for a "hypersonics 2.0 initiative" that aims to develop more advanced capabilities.

Pentagon reaches important waypoint in long journey toward adopting ‘responsible AI’


Experts weigh in on the department's new Responsible AI Strategy and Implementation Pathway.

DOD faces workforce challenges for AI test and evaluation


The Pentagon needs to test and evaluate new AI-enabled systems to make sure they’re up to snuff before they end up in the hands of troops.