Terry McAuliffe

Virginia governor calls on Congress for bipartisan cybersecurity plan


The governor of Virginia urged Congress Wednesday to see past part politics to create a meaningful cybersecurity plan for the good of the nation.

States call for collaboration with federal government on cybersecurity


With a new presidential administration in town, the chairman and vice chairman of the National Governors Association called for more collaboration between the federal government and states on cybersecurity.

Kitty Hawk moment for delivery drones


The first official U.S. civilian drone delivery is now in the history books. On July 17, with approval by the Federal Aviation Administration and under the supervision of scientists from Virginia Tech, drones proved they could deliver supplies to Americans in need, especially in remote areas.

Virginia teachers get lessons in cybersecurity


Twenty high school teachers were selected for a five-day program that shows them how to teach cybersecurity to students and raise awareness about new career opportunities.