technical debt

Reducing technical debt at federal agencies


Department of Labor CIO Gundeep Ahluwalia.

USCIS needs more enterprise architecture visibility to decrease technical debt


Bayne Brown says the agency's vendor management team needs better insight into what other groups are working on.

DOD technology decisions reflect need to keep pace globally, cyber official says


To meet the technology demands of the era of great power competition, the DoD will have to change the way it buys and sustains its arsenal.

BEP CIO reports agency’s consolidation of 20 legacy systems


Harry Singh says Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s cloud migration and SaaS integration helped reduce technical debt and improve data informed decisions.

Can the MGT Act combat $7 billion in technical debt?


The federal government's current level of technical debt is $7 billion — is there a solution? Dell EMC's Steve Harris explores that question in this op-ed.