Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN)

Army looking at ‘payload agnostic’ EW capabilities as it modernizes its architecture


The Army is developing an architecture to deploy electronic warfare systems at echelon as it modernizes its arsenal.

Palantir COO says partnerships with hardware manufacturers key to growth of US gov business


"I think there’s a lot of value for the government customer when people who are really good at software partner with people who are really good at hardware," said Palantir's COO Shyam Sankar.

Companies focusing on modular designs for final phase of Army’s TITAN program


Raytheon and Palantir are working to improve intelligence feeds and interfaces for soldiers.

DIU looking for help to reduce data latency in military command and control networks


The Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) Ground Station will be a vehicle-mountable node that will collect data from the battlefield and semi-autonomously process it for Army commanders.