For feds, DevOps raises cyber questions


DevOps, the trendy management philosophy that aims at developing and deploying software more rapidly, raises important, even "philosophical," questions about the role of cybersecurity in a government agency, two officials said Tuesday.

Cyber intelligence: More isn’t always better, warn officials


When it comes to cyber intelligence and the newly coined need-to-share it, more isn't necessarily better, civilian and military cyber leaders cautioned Tuesday.

FBI’s Comey: Businesses need to tell us if they’ve been breached


FBI Director James Comey wants to see private businesses more often report data breach incidents and other detected cyber intrusions when they happen directly to the Bureau. “All the information, all the evidence we need, sits in private hands in the United States and that is a wonderful thing,” Comey said, speaking at Symantec’s Government Symposium conference, Tuesday.

Super-stealthy hackers target Russia and China


A new team of cyberspies using custom-built and highly stealthy malware designed to eavesdrop on encrypted communications has been identified by security researchers.

Symantec: A Zero-Day discovered every week last year


Cybercriminals are kicking their efforts up a notch, according to the 2016 edition of Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, which indicates that an average of one new Zero-Day exploit was discovered every week last year.

Big hitter cyber firms launch new policy coalition


The Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy and Law aims to work with policymakers on complicated regulatory issues.