DHS official calls for better info-sharing with state and local governments


While federal agencies are getting better at working with state and local authorities, they face an ongoing challenge of staying ahead of an evolving threat landscape, said DHS's Rick Driggers.

New 508 requirements now live


The law requires that agencies ensure their digital services are accessible to people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

Think of FirstNet as ‘ecosystem’ for software developers, board member Takai says


The $46.5 billion network being developed by AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) will have apps and functionality that cannot even be envisioned today, one of its board members said Wednesday.

Virginia governor calls on Congress for bipartisan cybersecurity plan


The governor of Virginia urged Congress Wednesday to see past part politics to create a meaningful cybersecurity plan for the good of the nation.

FirstNet draft plan coming soon


By June states should have a draft plan for the nation’s first public safety network to decide whether they will opt in or out of the program later this fall.

DHS picks Mississippi university for drone testing


The Department of Homeland Security has selected Mississippi State University as the new base of operations for its drone research and development.