Splunk 2022

Harnessing threat intelligence at public sector agencies


Splunk cybersecurity expert shares his insights on the intersection between threat intelligence and automation and what that means for the government’s cloud journey.

What public sector leaders can learn from private sector cloud journeys


Splunk Chief Technical Advisor Lisa Palmer highlights lessons agencies can take away from the banking, service and retailing sectors to improve security as well as performance.

IT adaptation during pandemic puts CIOs in stronger position


As IT and federal leaders worked more closely to adapt to emerging needs, federal CIOs have wider options and opportunities, says a former Pentagon CIO.

Three mistakes public sector organizations make moving to the cloud


Cloud advisory specialists from Splunk discuss lessons public sector agencies can learn from commercial firms on pitfalls to avoid in optimizing cloud migrations.

The security strategy federal agencies too often overlook


A former National Security Council director and global cybersecurity advisor suggests agencies must consider another dimension to protecting their digital assets.

Private-public sector data sharing key to greater national security


Splunk’s government affairs chief highlights public sector predictions and strategies in a new six-part podcast series on mission resilience.