JAIC looking for ‘data readiness’ services for military


The Joint AI Center wants to find companies that can help the military work with their data and develop AI projects.

DIU looking for robots that can kill coronavirus


This time, DIU isn't looking for artificial intelligence or cybersecurity tools. It wants an automated solution for decontaminating military-specific environments.

DIU seeks one form of automation (ML) than can help another (RPA)


DIU wants machine learning to expand the DOD's use of Robotic Process Automation to detect fraud and abuse in finical systems.

DOD’s Joint AI Center is looking for a cloud integrator


The JAIC needs a system engineering and integration partner to help procure, implement and operate a hybrid, multi-cloud environment to serve as the backbone of its common development platform.

Improving federal solicitations’ ‘scary low’ Section 508 accessibility compliance


GSA's new, AI-enabled Solicitation Review Tool is scheduled to launch before the end of the fiscal year.