software development

NSA, CISA release compendium of security practices for software developers


The agencies have worked with industry to develop a set of recommendations that includes more in-depth source code reviews.

National Weather Service seeks IT expertise to develop next-gen water prediction capabilities


The National Weather Service is working to deliver new flood and water supply mapping capabilities by the end of the decade.

Secure Software Development Framework not evident in federal procurement yet


Tech industry leaders call for greater consistency in the checks and controls required by different federal agencies.

Air Force’s Kessel Run and Platform One ink collaboration agreement


With a new agreement, the organizations hope to eventually enable sharing of code and tools that are often redundant.

Army cloud office wants more DevSecOps tools and ‘CISO-as-a-service’ technologies


An RFI seeks support from industry for the Coding Resources and Transformation Ecosystem (CReATE), as well as high-level cloud security tools.

Speed and security for software — DevSecOps makes it possible


Shifting security earlier in the development pipeline saves meaningful time in the innovation cycle while making software more secure, says a GitHub white paper.