software bill of materials (SBOM)

Why the US government will require software vendors to certify the security of their products


A new White House memo on software supply chain security goes some way to addressing tech industry concerns about the use of third-party cybersecurity assessors.

DHS board: No one used software inventories to find vulnerable Log4j deployments


Many in government and industry want software bills of materials to be the development compliance standard.

DHS seeks automated SBOM tools for enhanced supply chain visibility


Contractors have called for the software bill of materials to become a universal standard for secure development compliance.

OMB guidance presents chance to standardize software bill of materials


Practical deadlines for vendors and a concrete process for using the information SBOMs contain at agencies are needed, security experts say.

CISA expects most agencies to be deploying endpoint detection by FY23


Officials touted the agency's success as civilian cyber operational lead, during a House hearing Tuesday.

Industry seeks consensus on government’s secure software compliance process


Companies want clarification from government over what specific artifacts and metadata it wants to assess.