Upcoming SOFWERX event to tackle challenges associated with omnipresent sensor networks´┐╝


An innovation hub focused on solving SOCOM's toughest problems is organizing an event to brainstorm the tools commandos will need to operate in environments where sensors are everywhere.

Special Operations Command trying to prepare for quantum computing threat


Adversaries could have new quantum computing and decryption capabilities by the end of this decade, SOCOM's chief data officer is warning.

Special Operations Command looking to ditch some of its drones, buy new ISR capabilities


SOCOM wants better intelligence collection and intelligence fusion capabilities.

Anduril nabs $1B contract for anti-drone work with SOCOM


Anduril Industries was awarded a major contract for counter-drone work with Special Operations Command.

GSA making interagency data and cloud collaboration easier mid-pandemic


The crisis has highlighted policy barriers and the need for better, faster data-sharing agreements between agencies.

How SOCOM tapped college students to work on new tech


A successful internship program is leading SOCOM to find new ways to recruit and retain tech talent in the military.