How DISA is targeting work with nontraditional defense contractors on a traditional contract


The approach won DISA an internal DOD-award for their work to bring small businesses into the Pentagon's technology portfolio.

23 small businesses win spots on $7.5B DISA IT contract


The Systems Engineering, Technology, and Innovation contract will allow the agency to decide whether the tech advantages of a solution warrant a higher price.

Company protests its way onto $7.5B DISA IT engineering contract


Solers Inc. was one of four companies that protested the DISA contract but the only to receive a spot on the contract.

DISA slots 14 companies on $7.5B SETI contract


The SETI contract “is designed for current and future mission requirements, next-generation technological advancements, and disruptive innovation that looks to create paradigm shifts in the ways warfighters interact with DOD's information technology."

DISA is all about agility, director Norton says


The Defense Information Systems Agency is focused on delivering innovative technology to the warfighter as quickly as possible, Vice Adm. Nancy Norton said.