Senate Commerce Committee

‘Poor information technology implementation’ blamed for CPSC data exposure


Employees also had "little to no" training on how to redact personally identifying information when handing over data, according to a new report by the Senate Commerce Committee's majority staff.

TSA moving forward with airport screening system deployment


The agency is also increasing its focus on insider threats and training a division of inspectors focused on pipeline security and cybersecurity.

OSTP director nominee sails through Senate Commerce


The weather prediction expert now awaits final approval by the full Senate. The job has been open since the beginning of the Trump administration.

Industry: Public-private partnerships needed for IoT framework


A group of IoT experts Wednesday said the government could play a key partnering role in cultivating the Internet of Things' growth and reaping the economic benefits therein.

Senate Committee: Does NIST cyber framework go far enough?


Members of the Senate Commerce Committee challenged a panel of public and private experts Wednesday on whether the National Institute of Standard and Technology's cybersecurity framework does enough to protect the nation's critical assets and infrastructure.