Science and Technology Directorate

DHS seeks automated SBOM tools for enhanced supply chain visibility


Contractors have called for the software bill of materials to become a universal standard for secure development compliance.

CBP to test first truck-portable drone for monitoring border


The small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) can be taken on patrols in the back of a pickup truck.

DHS’s opioid detection challenge yields 8 finalists


Could measuring how X-rays are diffracted when they pass through a parcel help find illicit drugs?

At DHS’s Biometric Technology Rally, fresh faces for hungry hardware


The rally is an opportunity for companies to get free performance data and for DHS to see what's out there.

DHS eyes 5G network protections with latest industry day


A standardized, secure voice capability for unclassified government communications and improved mobile traffic visibility are on the department's wishlist.

DHS Centers of Excellence on the chopping block if Trump budget proposal holds


The proposed Science and Technology Directorate budget is down $231 million, and Centers of Excellence are on the chopping block.