Ron Johnson

FedRAMP Authorization Act passes House for the third time in a year


Whether the Senate will finally take up the legislation remains to be seen.

Despite new tech in the mix, ‘this isn’t the Census Bureau’s first rodeo’


Sen. Ron Johnson says he's "feeling a lot better" about the upcoming decennial headcount.

Cybersecurity pros could work for multiple agencies under bill passed by Senate


The intent is not only to help fill specific gaps in the workforce, but also to help agencies recruit and retain employees who otherwise might choose Silicon Valley over the government.

Senators rail against ‘use it or lose it’ spending at end of September


Senators want to ensure that "spending in the last quarter of this fiscal year is not wasteful or abusive."

FITARA enhancements, Hack the DHS bill approved in Senate committee


The committee cleared the way for multiple technology and cyber-based bills to move to the Senate floor.

Bill would turn government’s vulnerabilities equities process into law


There’s a bill in the works that would codify the U.S. government’s vulnerabilities equities process into law.