Rod Turk

Former U.S. officials call for transparency in cybersecurity of 2020 census


Nearly a dozen officials write that Americans deserve to know that the systems and technical protocols the Census Bureau is employing to collect and store information about them are not putting that information at risk.

Commerce CIO Turk would like the IC’s help securing the 2020 census


As the Commerce Department prepares for the 2020 census, its CIO wants to leverage the intelligence community to identify the threats against it.

Give high-value assets the medieval treatment, federal security leaders say


That means figuring out exactly what those valuable assets are ahead of time.

DHS’s diagnostics open door to collaboration inside agencies, says Commerce official


The cross-cutting functionality required by the deployment of CDM tools helped Commerce get many other conversations started about ways the various parts of the department could bring its IT provisioning together.

Federal IT officials weigh agility, security


Agile development can lead to more effective and efficient software delivery, but if security isn’t built into the mix at all stages, the process could leave applications and systems vulnerable, a panel of IT security experts warned Thursday.