Rick Perry

DOE creates an AI office to capitalize on the technology’s ‘Golden Age’


The office will "transform DOE into a world-leading AI enterprise," but there are few details available beyond that.

Department of Energy puts AI to biomedical use


The agency started a public-private partnership with Weill Family Foundation seeking breakthroughs addressing neurological disorders like traumatic brain injuries using supercomputing.

Energy Department floats $40M to boost quantum computing research


Adaptable algorithms and programming languages are needed for numerous, early systems that have emerged.

Department of Energy supercomputers top list of world’s fastest


The Summit machine, unveiled this summer, is the fastest in the world according to the new version of the ranking list.

Energy has a new central access point connecting investors, innovators to national labs


The Laboratory Partnering Service streamlines what used to be a bunch of disparately held information.

White House nominates Karen Evans to head new Energy cyber office


Evans would serve as assistant secretary of Energy for cybersecurity, energy security and emergency response, heading the office of the same name created by Secretary Rick Perry earlier this year to protect America's energy infrastructure from cyberattacks.