Rep. Steny Hoyer

Rep. Hoyer relaunches House floor activity app under new name


It's a revamp with new stuff — like live House floor video — too.

Steny Hoyer launches website to gather public sentiment on the shutdown

by allows visitors to "support" or "oppose" funding bills passed by the House that would end the shutdown.

Trump signs Modernizing Government Technology Act into law


The move fulfills a more than a year-long effort to allow federal agencies to reprogram unused budget allocation to fund future IT modernization projects.

The third Congressional Hackathon tackles openness and faith in government


People don't trust their government. Is there a hack for that?

With MGT on the path to becoming law, Hurd looks to the future


Will Hurd is on the verge of seeing his Modernizing Government Technology Act become law. Now, he just has to work on an encore.