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TMF invests more than $20.8M in 3 agencies’ cyber and CX projects


OPM, HUD and the Army are the latest recipients of funding that will modernize IT systems and move them toward zero-trust security architectures.

Digital transformation and satellite launches at DOD; Changing composition of the federal workforce


WAEPA’s Shane Canfield; Space Development Agency’s Derek Tournear; Army CIO Raj Iyer.

Army CIO Raj Iyer shares insights on prioritizing robotic process automation


U.S. Army CIO joins FedScoop at the UiPath Together Public Sector 2022.

Army’s cloud journey to the edge; Updates to DOD policy on autonomous weapon systems


Army CIO Raj Iyer; former JAIC Director of Strategy and Policy Gregory Allen.

For resiliency, the Army may look to rely more on commercial systems than SIPRNet, NIPRNet


In order to be more resilient in the fact of adversary disruptions, the Army may rely more on commercial solutions as opposed to its current network configurations like SIPRNet and NIPRNet, its CIO said.

Project to converge Army enterprise business systems will be ‘marquee effort’ for CIO


The Army plans to award contracts to industry for IT that could help the department converge its many enterprise business systems.