post-quantum cryptography

NSA sets 2035 deadline for adoption of post-quantum cryptography across national security systems


The intelligence agency expects traditional networking equipment to comply with the new standards by 2030.

Policy adviser says workforce gains from federal quantum center efforts still a year or more away


Corey Stambaugh says new staff are still being trained using initial federal funds earmarked for hiring.

NIST post-quantum algorithm candidate’s future uncertain, with second attack proposed


Researchers on Monday proposed an attack on SIKE they say “significantly reduces” the algorithm's security by solving it with torsion.

NIST chooses 4 algorithms to defend against quantum computers


The announcement is the culmination of a six-year, four-round competition to refine encryption formulas with the goal of including some in a new post-quantum cryptographic standard.

Research award establishes sole-source provider of post-quantum cryptography for agencies


The award could exceed $100 million and is intended to hasten agencies' adoption of next generation encryption technology.

Security experts urge agencies to test post-quantum cryptography algorithms now


The advice comes ahead of NIST's expected publication of approved algorithms.