Pentagon shares new vision to address problems with its microelectronics supply chain


Some observers found the Defense Department's new document lacking in detail.

Pentagon identifies early focus areas for autonomous weapons policy update


DOD officials will be focusing on outdated review processes and accounting for new artificial intelligence initiatives.

Pentagon names new chief of responsible artificial intelligence


Diane Staheli will help steer the Pentagon's implementation of policies, practices, standards and metrics for buying and building "trustworthy" AI.

Pentagon’s autonomous weapon rules might be in for a revamp


A lot has changed since the release of DOD Directive 3000.09, so now, senior officials are considering updates to better suit modern capabilities.

Kessel Run signs first agreement implementing new software acquisition policies


The new software acquisition pathway solidifies the software factory's relationship with Air Combat Command.

2020 in review: Tech policy adjusts to new norm of telework in pandemic


In a matter of days, the federal government had to make an unprecedented decision.