Government eyes ‘supporting role’ in identity management


Companies want to be your identity service providers and see the Social Security Administration as a test case for making verification more consistent and interoperable.

White House to public: ‘Lock down your login!’


The Obama administration and a bevy of non-profits and technology and financial services companies joined forces Wednesday in a publicity campaign to get Americans to stop relying on passwords and use stronger methods of online identity authentication.

Why moving away from one-time SMS passwords is a good thing


Don't panic. That's the message from the U.S. government's former czar for secure online identity about the feds' recent move toward phasing out SMS-based one-time passwords as a second-factor ID.

The password apocalypse looms


​Consumer-facing web services providers like email. social media or cloud storage companies are wrestling with the impact of huge troves of hacked passwords available on the dark web.

Small businesses especially vulnerable to hackers — report


More than half of small businesses have suffered a cyberattack or data breach in the last 12 months, and one-third don't know how it happened, according to a recent report.

18F’s plan for a single government login comes under fire


The plans of the General Services Administration’s digital tiger team, 18F, to build a single online sign-in interface through which Americans can log on to digital government services are over-reaching, duplicative and out of sync with existing administration policy, according to critics.