White House publishes ‘AI Bill of Rights’ blueprint

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The long-awaited document consists of five key principles for the regulation of the technology.

Outgoing White House AI chief: ‘I’m hoping that my legacy is showing how to lead in the development of nonpartisan science’


Lynne Parker explains her focus on finding nonpartisan solutions to reduce potential harms of AI and establishing principled guardrails for the new technology during her time leading the National Artificial Intelligence Office.

Former Obama administration tech policy leader joins White House OSTP


Alexander Macgillivray says his top priority is to grow the team of technologists working at OSTP.

White House launches artificial intelligence task force


The new committee will decide on measures to boost computational resources for AI researchers and science students.

Here are the IT and cyber experts helping with the Biden transition

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Here are all the people with government IT and cyber policy backgrounds working on Biden's transition team.

Trump relaunches advisory council for science and technology


The administration also announced the first seven members of the council, known as PCAST.