Office of Information Technology Category (ITC)

Prototyped DIU technologies coming to GSA contracts


The agencies on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding, their second collaboration to date.

GSA updating IT acquisition approach to reduce energy use


Sustainability requirements are being added to existing and forthcoming contracts including Ascend and Alliant 3.

GSA’s 5-year plan prioritizes digital government


The strategy is predicated on the view that GSA must help agencies rebuild public trust through digital services.

GSA still conducting market research for Governmentwide Cloud BPA


Awards within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service pool were originally slated for January, but new dates haven't been announced.

White House asks for $5B to fund VA IT in 2022


The $4.8 billion top-line IT number is just shy of the enacted $4.9 billion given by Congress last year.

GSA adding supply chain requirements to major contracts


2GIT, STARS III and other governmentwide acquisition contracts are all part of the more "proactive approach" to protecting federal information systems, say officials.