NSTIC gives $15M in grants for identity management pilots


A National Institute of Standards and Technology program aimed at researching new forms of identity management awarded $15 million in grants to six companies focused on securing services run by state governments and health care providers.

NIST wants agencies to move away from SMS authentication


Last week, numerous tech outlets picked up on the fact that SMS was deprecated in the NIST’s special publication 800-63-3, the institute’s newest revision to its Digital Authentication Guide.

18F’s plan for a single government login comes under fire


The plans of the General Services Administration’s digital tiger team, 18F, to build a single online sign-in interface through which Americans can log on to digital government services are over-reaching, duplicative and out of sync with existing administration policy, according to critics.

NIST aims for major changes in online ID authentication


The program within the National Institute of Standards and Technology aiming to make passwords obsolete has released a draft document that proposes a “major transformation” in digital authentication.

In papers and workshop, NSTIC ponders how to verify online identity


The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace program has set the groundwork for a two-day workshop next month, releasing three white papers that discuss how to measure the credibility and authenticity of digital identity verification.

Government scientists ask for comments on online privacy ‘cookbook’


Government scientists are seeking public comment on a technical white paper they’ve drawn up to help the private sector ensure that more secure logins for online accounts are also more private.