DOD doesn’t have what it needs for ‘software supremacy,’ Eric Schmidt says


The former Google CEO gave blunt criticisms about the DOD's continued struggle to innovate and become a software-driven entity.

In final report, commission makes plea for DOD to field AI fast


The commission's more than 700-page report contains one message above all: The government need to field AI, and it needs to field it fast.

AI commission tells DOD to get AI infrastructure ready by 2025, or else


In a draft of its final report to Congress, the National Security Commission on AI continues to hammer home the importance of laying a foundation of AI development in DOD.

National Security Commission on AI needs to be more transparent, court rules


The National Security Commision on AI needs to let the public know more about it's work, a court recently ruled.

Federal R&D spending on AI should be doubled, then doubled again, commission says


The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence calls for an immediate doubling of funding for non-defense R&D around AI starting next fiscal year, and then again in fiscal 2022.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 8 — Developing AI for national security


Commissioner Katrina McFarland joined Let's Talk About IT for a candid conversation about NSCAI's interim report, the commission's massive event to showcase its findings and what's up next.