Combatant commander tasked with homeland defense warns of shortage of AI capabilities


U.S. Northern Command and NORAD don’t have sufficient AI and machine learning capabilities, the dual-hatted chief of both organizations warned.

DOD platform made for financial data finds battlefield use


The Advana platform was used in recent JADC2 experiments to give commanders real-time readiness and other types of data.

Northern Command using data platform to better detect incoming threats


Northern Command wants to use tech that already exists to leverage data for homeland defense under the JADC2 concept of operations.

DOD tests new machine learning capabilities for JADC2


The DOD wrapped up a series of tests that focused on developing tech that will enable a new type of warfare where AI helps make decisions.

Under new deal, NORAD gets new capabilities for defensive JADC2


NORAD is advancing the JADC2 concept of linking sensors and big data to secure the U.S. airspace.

Northern Command calls upon Palantir, Apple and others to bring new tech to coronavirus fight


NORTHCOM partnered with tech companies to develop apps for the military's COVID-19 response personnel to communicate directly with the commanding general.