Pinpointing critical software key to supply chain security, says Federal Acquisition Service leader


Sonny Hashmi calls for work to identify critical software components across federal networks to help mitigate supply chain risks.

White House cyber memo compels vendors to attest software meets security standards


Federal agencies will have 120 days to develop a consistent process for collecting cybersecurity assurance from software providers.

NIST and Google sign agreement to produce open-source chips


Google will finance an initial production run of the new chips, which will be manufactured by Skywater Technology in Bloomington, Minnesota.

DC-QNet consortium director shares new details about plans for quantum network testbed


Additional organizations may be given the opportunity to conduct innovative experiments on the DC-QNet.

Six government agencies launch quantum technology research consortium


The research group is based in the D.C. area and will create a test network for sharing information securely between quantum computers.

NIST sets out secure systems engineering framework in final draft SP 800-160 guidance

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The agency hopes the guidance will form the basis of educational and training programs.