U.S. weighs pre-market regulation of self-driving tech


U.S. regulators are studying whether to require federal approval of self-driving car technology before it can be sold to the public, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Tuesday.

Obama administration devoting $4B to jump-start driverless cars


The Transportation Department announced an ambitious plan Thursday aimed at boosting the use of autonomous cars in America.

Lawmakers don’t want feds to lead on connected car tech


The nation's highway safety regulator plans to finalize a standardized system for vehicle-to-vehicle communication sometime in early 2016, an official said Wednesday, but some lawmakers are unimpressed, believing private industry could do the job better.

Reps. want to study hacking connected cars


A House Democrat introduced legislation this week pushing for a federal-lead study on the regulation of internet-connected vehicles.

Tesla’s self-driving software: Is it street legal?


Tesla Motors this week became the first company to roll out advanced auto-pilot technology into its vehicles, zooming past regulators’ efforts to figure out whether self-driving cars should be widely street-legal.​

Transportation Department launches app to curb drunk driving


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration unveiled a new app that helps users call a taxi, call a friend or find their location. Through the app, the agency hopes to keep drunk drivers off the roads.