Air Force considering wide range of options to team robotic wingmen with other platforms


The Air Force plans to develop “collaborative combat aircraft” in the coming years and link them with crewed systems.

Air Force still fleshing out acquisition strategy for NGAD robotic wingmen


Plans for the highly classified Next-Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) initiative include a new manned stealth fighter that would team with new autonomous drones or “collaborative combat aircraft."

HASC chairman worried about making big bets on Air Force’s next-gen fighter


The NGAD fighter is projected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars per plane to procure.

Air Force sees 2 business models for integrating robotic wingmen into combat formations


The Air Force plans to acquire interoperable robotic wingmen that it can “mix and match” with a variety of manned aircraft.

Air Force’s next-gen fighter program transitions to critical development phase


The secretive NGAD program has reached a key milestone in the acquisition process, the secretary of the Air Force said.