DISA transfers background check IT work to Defense Security Service


DISA will transfer the "authority, direction, and control" of its National Background Investigation Service to the Defense Security Service.

IT modernization plays central role in Trump government reorganization plan


The plan promotes the use of modern technology to improve service delivery as a central tenet in the 21st century federal government.

DISA to roll out revamped security clearance application process


Test users say the new eApp is “the most painless experience for a painful form.”

Senate panel digs into security clearance backlog, again finding little progress


Panelists pointed to continuous evaluation as a key opportunity to get security clearance applicants on the job faster.

Security clearances process added to GAO list of high-risk programs


A big backlog of background checks and problems with IT security are among the key reasons for the decision, GAO said.

New OPM background check agency will inherit huge backlog


​When the National Background Investigation Bureau — the agency the Obama administration created in the wake of the massive Office of Personnel Management cyber attack — stands up next month, it will inherit a backlog of more than 500,000 clearance investigations, a senior bureau official said.