National Weather Service (NWS)

National Weather Service seeks IT expertise to develop next-gen water prediction capabilities


The National Weather Service is working to deliver new flood and water supply mapping capabilities by the end of the decade.

Geomagnetic storm expected to pass with minimal impact on agencies’ satellites, comms


The Space Weather Prediction Center expected moderate conditions at worst from the storm as of 10:11 a.m. EST.

NOAA looks to improve satellite data availability, manage services with industry


The agency is looking for a more agile information system to process data gathered by the National Weather Service.

White House unveils to help address record-breaking temperatures


The website will help agencies share real-time data on extreme heat conditions to improve response in light of climate change.

NOAA unveils 2 weather and climate supercomputers for improved forecasting


The new computing power will allow the service to get further ahead of catastrophic weather events like hurricanes.