National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC)

Institute for Defense Analyses expected to support National AI Advisory Committee


The nonprofit administrator of three federally funded R&D centers will draft and finalize NAIAC's overdue first report if no company comes forward.

National AI Advisory Committee establishes 5 working groups


Trustworthy AI, R&D, the workforce, U.S. competitiveness, and international cooperation are the five initial focus areas.

Commerce appoints 27 experts to National AI Advisory Committee


The committee, established in September, will make recommendations on U.S. global competitiveness and the National AI Initiative.

2021 in review: Oversight questions loom over federal AI efforts


Federal oversight of artificial intelligence systems continues to lag behind government development and use, experts say.

Commerce establishes National AI Advisory Committee


The new advisory panel will issue recommendations on a range of issues including U.S. AI competitiveness.