Modernizing Government Technology Act

Industry group calls for small, independent federal agencies to receive working capital fund authority


ADI says the greater funding flexibility would allow all government agencies to take on larger, enterprise-wide IT modernization projects.

Technology Modernization Fund support awarded to 7 new agency IT projects


GSA, OPM and the Department of Education are among the recipients of a $311M distribution from the central fund.

Connolly floats legislative fix for IT working capital funds


The representative says new laws may be required to give agencies the authority to create tech modernization funds.

Former GSA CIO: It’s time for a federal ‘Agile First’ strategy


Agile methodologies should not only be used in software development but information technology procurement, finance, budgeting and hiring, according to Case Coleman.

Senators urge ‘flexibility’ administering Technology Modernization Fund


Administrators must consider increasing staffing levels, adjusting project selection criteria and reconsidering repayment terms for agencies, according to their letter.

Rep. Connolly blames TMF stagnancy on Congress’ lack of tech knowledge


"You start talking about these issues and many of my colleagues... their eyes glaze over and they want to talk about anything else," said Rep. Gerry Connolly.