Modernization Special 2022

Aging IT systems pose wider questions about federal spectrum allocation


Spectrum XXI needs updating, but former officials say the whole process for allocating frequency bands across government also needs a rethink.

The importance of spectrum sharing to the future of war


As 5G mobile networks mature, everybody from the DOD to commercial companies wants a piece of the spectrum.

GSA’s 5-year plan prioritizes digital government


The strategy is predicated on the view that GSA must help agencies rebuild public trust through digital services.

White House proposes extra $300M for Technology Modernization Fund in 2023


If authorized, the additional funding would supplement the $1 billion provided last year through the American Rescue Plan.

Software modernization and cloud migration go hand in hand for DOD


A top DOD technology official explained cloud is essential in its new software modernization strategy.

IRS teams old and new working in tandem on IT modernization


The IRS's new Taxpayer Experience Office is already working with its IT, digitalization and policy shops to identify projects that will produce the most modernization.