Microsoft Office 365

Army updates download policy for its Office 365 users


The Army's new email and collaboration platform will now allow users to download and upload documents from their personal devices.

Office 365 collaboration tools now available across Navy


The Navy has all 472,000 users on new O365 collaboration tools, but is still working on getting 272,000 of them access to a new email platform.

Army CIO says everyone who needs email will have it in transition to Office 365


Raj Iyer tells FedScoop that buying fewer licenses than members of the Army could save the branch $150 million.

Navy falls short of goal for Microsoft Office 365 migration


The Navy onboarded only 334,000 of the 472,000 personnel it had hoped to by Oct. 1 to its new Flank Speed platform.

DOD switches off its temporary teleworking platform used by millions


CVR will be replaced by a suite of digital productivity tools that can be used from anywhere, dubbed DOD365.

The Navy seeks to integrate all telework capabilities in long-term solution


The Navy is thinking big on its future telework suite, using more time to develop a broader set of tools that will be more integrated.