Matthew Travis

Voluntary CMMC self-assessments beginning; 6-month update on customer experience EO


Cyber AB CEO Matthew Travis; former USPTO Customer Experience Administrator Jill Leyden.

Cyber AB launches voluntary CMMC assessment program for defense contractors


The accreditation body also issued a draft document detailing the assessment process that third-party assessment organizations will need to follow once the final CMMC rule takes effect.

Cyber AB CEO Matthew Travis on CMMC; Finding effective ways to award TMF money


Cyber AB (formerly known as CMMC-AB) CEO Matthew Travis and Information Technology Industry Council SVP Gordon Bitko.

New CMMC-AB board chair Jeff Dalton wants to make CMMC ‘boring again’


Jeff Dalton, the new chair of the CMMC-AB's board, says it's time for the board to "professionalize."

CMMC-AB CEO Matthew Travis and defining the top cyber roles in government


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, Matthew Travis talks about the potential shortage of demand for CMMC-AB services, Army CIO Raj Iyer on the department’s transition to Office 365 and more cybersecurity guidance on the way from the White House.

Once bracing for a spike in demand, CMMC AB now worries about a shortage


The accreditation body is worried about a possible shortage in demand for assessors after changes to the CMMC program.