Library of Congress

Library of Congress launches key module for new copyright records platform


The library's Office of the Chief Information Officer is working to digitize copyright ownership transfer requests with a digital submission process.

GSA launches 10th Center of Excellence with Library of Congress


The Contact Center CoE aims to improve responses to copyright inquiries with new technologies.

Library of Congress plots $150M multi-cloud acquisition for legislative branch


While the contract is developed primarily for Library of Congress offices, it will also be made available to all legislative agencies.

Transparency advocates push Congress on public access to CRS reports


A letter sent to Capitol Hill has some critiques of the Library of Congress's site.

Library of Congress says it has ‘significantly improved’ IT


"We have stabilized our core IT structure, we have streamlined and strengthened our IT governance and we have centralized and professionalized our IT workforce," Librarian Carla Hayden says.

Library of Congress gets grant to experiment with digital collections as data


A $1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation which will go to support the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud project.