Legacy Systems

Sen. Warner: Pentagon tech spending should be ‘reexamined’ post-COVID


Defense funding will likely be curtailed to address federal deficit increases, at a time when when investments in cybersecurity and 5G are needed to compete with China, the Virginia senator said.

How federal agencies can improve network performance of legacy systems


Segment routing provides a simpler, cost effective approach for routing data and removes the limitations to federal network architectures operating legacy systems.

Challenges to a modern federal payroll system abound


NewPay will replace legacy systems used by multiple agencies like the Interior Business Center's and require a degree of collaboration seldom seen in government, according to human resources experts.

IRS needs to prioritize risk management of legacy IT systems, GAO says


Outdated code, old hardware and attrition of the qualified workforce makes IRS's IT management a risky game.

Shanahan on DOD’s commercial cloud: It’s ‘not our goal’


"Our goal is to get a lot of the data into an environment where we can start making better decisions," said the Pentagon No. 2.

IT Modernization and the ‘Digital Dilemma’: From concept to prototype to execution


Taking a ‘people, processes and technology’ approach to modernizing federal IT systems.