Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Department of Energy launches ESnet6 high-performance data-sharing network


ESnet6 increases the Energy Science Network's bandwidth to more than 46 terabits per second for handling data from experiments, models and simulations.

Berkeley Lab quantum testbed aims to accelerate work of physicists, researchers


Pandemic-related supply chain delays of specialized components could prove the biggest hurdle.

Energy awards $28M to 5 supercomputing projects


Winners will research quantum information science and chemical reactions with clean energy applications.

Select data centers should specialize in shared services, says director of consolidation effort


Archiving or mainframe-as-a-service should be housed in a single data center, says Thomas Santucci.

The message for national labs: Advances in quantum computing are about people, too


It's not enough to help develop quantum computers, experts told a Senate panel. National labs also need to train the incipient workforce that will support them.