Kris Rowley

GSA’s new chief data officer was a Presidential Innovation Fellow


Paymen Sadegh fills the vacancy left by the agency's first CDO hired in 2013.

GSA’s first CDO, Kris Rowley, has left for the private sector


Since Rowley's departure, Deputy Chief Information Officer Beth Killoran has been leading the CDO and CTO teams.

GSA’s Kris Rowley on what to expect in 2020


Rowley caught up with FedScoop at FedTalks 2019.

Getting data scientists into the good stuff is goal of new GSA platform


The Data Science Virtual Desktop will allow access to datasets, and it will be hosted on a site where agencies can also share their data.

The New Business of Government — GSA’s Kris Rowley


Rowley joins FedScoop TV to discuss how the business of government is changing.

GSA piloting agencywide data cloud


​The General Services Administration is developing a data-as-an-asset platform in the cloud to drive enterprisewide consistency in the reporting of its various business lines' information.