Potential supply-chain threats prompt Senate bill on training acquisition officials


New legislation would create an educational program for agency officials handling risk management, prompted by concerns over Chinese and Russian tech companies.

BlackBerry boosts U.S. government practice with new subsidiary


The company launched BlackBerry Government Solutions last week in downtown D.C., independently dedicated to serving agencies with FedRAMP-compliant cloud offerings.

Court upholds federal Kaspersky ban, dismisses lawsuits


The banning of Kaspersky from federal use "does not inflict ‘punishment’" on the Russian cybersecurity firm, the judge wrote.

Senator wants to allow DHS to ban software from federal IT without notice


Sen. Dianne Feinstein said the bill was meant to curb increasing attempts of cyber-espionage by foreign nations.

A deeper dive into DHS’s Kaspersky ban


The directive “does not address Kaspersky code embedded in the products of other companies."

No more Kaspersky on government networks, says DHS


The Department of Homeland Security wants all Kaspersky products off of federal networks within the next 90 days.