jason chaffetz

Bills to limit use of ‘stingray’ data are back, with a push from Rep. Chaffetz


Jason Chaffetz, the influential chairman of a House committee, is again putting his support behind two bipartisan bills that would curb law enforcement's use of mobile-phone data via "stingrays" without a warrant.

IT management and tech-driven transparency remain at forefront for House Oversight


The House Oversight and Government Reform committee on Thursday approved 20-to-14 its authorization and oversight plan for the 115th Congress, which included plans to continue to oversee the federal government's ability to manage its IT, and to push for technology-based solutions that make government more transparent.

House lawmakers question IT contractor’s involvement in Clinton email scandal


The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has turned its attention to an IT contractor that it believes may have aided former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in deleting her personal emails containing matters of official government business.

Lawmakers: New background check bureau ‘designed to fail’


A number of lawmakers find the current proposal to build a new federal bureau to oversee background checks of government employees and contractors as deeply flawed, with members of the House Oversight Committee chastising federal officials Thursday about the project’s setup, organizational chart and proposed funding.

Office of Personnel Management CIO Donna Seymour retires


Donna Seymour, who served as chief information officer of the Office of Personnel Management during a series of catastrophic breaches on federal personnel and background check records in 2014, announced her retirement Monday.

House Oversight letter probes OPM on deleted breach data


Chairman Jason Chaffetz is demanding OPM provide more information about a security tool its makers credit with detecting the massive hack the agency suffered over the summer.